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Click2Cloud UX internship

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I worked as a UX/CX design intern for Click2Cloud, a B2B cloud migration, automation, and services company based in Bellevue, Washington.

I handled multiple projects for the company. I designed interactive state models for their products, CX journey maps for their services, and completed a redesign of the download page of their website.


Tools Used

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Defining the problem: No metrics, no competition

For competitive analysis, I interviewed Click2Cloud's business development manager and a few other members of the company. I gained the following salient facts: 

  • The website is unpleasant and unreadable

  • People coming in to the download website already know what to look for

  • There are no existing metrics of usage

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Direct competitors

Direct competitors

Defining the solution

  • Create an easily accessible demo request form

  • Prioritize the form over the direct download

  • Make the website more readable and limit the information given to encourage engagement

Early Wireframes/Low Fidelity Prototype

I created low fidelity prototypes were created to test different possible layouts and menu selections. Early versions on paper mimicked the layout of Stratozone and Hypergrid with a form embedded into the product page.

Early paper wireframes

Early paper wireframes

Later versions (including Balsamiq mockups) moved more towards the large buttons/large text layout of Hyperform. The "Request Demo" button was emphasized. 


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Business Needs: Choices of Color and Typography

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  • I selected the Roboto family of fonts because of its natural reading rhythm.

  • For headings I chose Roboto Slab, to give a businesslike sense of stability.

  • The primary blue is simply the blue from the Click2Cloud logo. Black projects solidity and authority.

  • Red is chosen to provide a dash of urgency taking into account the business needs of Click2Cloud.

Collecting Information: The Form

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Competitor website, incorporating form into main page towards the bottom

Competitor website, incorporating form into main page towards the bottom

The form design presented a unique challenge because it was an absolute business priority for the company to encourage people to share information with the business development manager.

The most immediate and effective method I found was having a small form incorporated readily into the product download page, as shown to the right.

I used two psychologically effective UI patterns to ensure the potential visitors would share their information before reaching my final design.

a) Isolation Effect: Items that stand out on a page are more memorable. This meant de-emphasizing the rest of the items on the page in favor of a bright form front and center. 

b) Limited Choice: Fewer options are more likely to lead to a decision. This meant providing only a small escape area (the 'X' at the top right) and the large "Request Demo" button to move forward. 

The final form design used both of these effects extensively to provide a tightly controlled experience that emphasizes only what's relevant. Further, instead of a small form, a large form pops up that isn't on a separate page, to reduce the friction for a potential customer visiting. 

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My internship with Click2Cloud was my first true experience of working with real world pressures on a company. Communicating with developers and programmers while being the voice of UX within a B2B company was a challenge. By finding 'allies' within the system who could co-advocate for good design within the company like the business development manager, I was able to deliver one of many products that in my estimation fulfill my remit of bringing consumer grade UX to a business facing company.